Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Duck Neck and Mini Fergusons

Last night, we had the wonderful and tasty opportunity to eat parents had originally bought it for Christmas dinner.  Because my brother came to visit for the weekend, we thought we'd have it while everyone was together, and it was quite good (I'm a very big fan of duck, it being my favorite fowl meat).  The bird was prepared while I was at work during the day shift yesterday, but my mother was kind enough to save the neck and not cook it, for Ferguson to have.  It looks exactly like a raw turkey neck, so I am assuming that it is okay (if not, someone PLEASE comment now, as I plan to give it to him later today!).

I would have given it to him last night, but for some reason, Ferguson occasionally decides to not eat all his dinner, and the way I see it, no dessert if all the dinner isn't gone.  When he does this, I tend to take what's remaining in the bowl, put saran wrap around it, and then feed the remaining for breakfast.  Yes, he ends up getting maybe half a meal less this way, but it makes certain he'll eat it the next go around.  Also, I figure that later when I give him the neck, it will make up for some missing calories.

In other news, I purchased a crocheting pattern for some "Pixie Hounds" the website calls them.  They are ADORABLE to say the least, and my crochet savvy friend came over last night to help me get started.  We each made the body piece that took about an hour and a half, with hers looking strangely larger than mine (I think because she crochets loser than I do), and mine looking kind of like a chicken bone.  However, once it gets some limbs and a tail, I think it will be okay ^_^.  I'm excited, because the yarn I got for the project is almost exactly Ferguson colored!  Hopefully the finished product will look something like the greyhound on the left!  (My friend started working with white, so maybe hers will look like the one on the right).  In any case, I'm hoping to get really good at making them so that I can make a dozen to give to Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue to sell at events for $10-$15 (to be fair, it costs at least $5 for me to make each one).  Of course, in addition to having my own little mini Ferguson doll ^_^.  Now to just find some proper eye pieces...

Today I'm also off to look at a few apartments with my friend Sarah to see if there's anything reasonable that would allow a big dog (they exist, but they take a bit more hunting).  If, hypothetically, nothing could be found, it should be noted that I would sooner live home forever than move into a place where my beloved Fergus couldn't come with me ^_^.  Hopefully we see some we like, as all the ones we've picked out are Ferguson friendly.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

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