Sunday, February 20, 2011

Days Off

My First Mini Ferg...more to come soon as I perfect the pattern...the body section bothers me the most : /


Running some more...

Stopping for a photo opp ^_^
Something neat I learned about Ferguson: He retrieves!!!  Yes, he chases the toy and runs a few laps around with it in his mouth before brining it RIGHT back (granted, I haven't really asked him to) but he drops it at my feet when he wants me to throw it again!  I don't know if he's fully aware he's doing it, or if he's stopping just to say "hi" to me, but it's a behavior we will DEFINITELY reward!  Better than a lot of my Labradors were!

Ferguson also got to show off his moves downtown Frederick on Friday night.  I am, of course, a terrible mommy and didn't remember the camera, (or my phone, for that matter : / ), but he did much better than I expected him to do in a busy place.  He still REALLY doesn't like when things move under his feet (he practically jumped out of his skin when we walked over some metal sewer things that "clunked"), but people, traffic, other rude dogs, are all taken in stride.  He did well at the dog park too, but I don't really like having to explain why he has his muzzle on.  I think next time, I'll stick a paper on it that says, "I do not bite!  This is just so I don't play too rough and hurt myself!"  He kept wanting to play with the smaller dogs as well, but the ground shakes when he play bows and he obviously made some of them nervous at how animated he was at wanting to play (mostly with the littles, I might add) so I think it's important to keep his muzzle on while they're around...I wish the Frederick dog park separated their dog areas based on size : /.

Anyway, today's plans should be pretty low key.  The weather is much nicer than yesterday's (less windy) so perhaps we'll do something fun.  But, have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE having a dog that doesn't necessarily NEED to go do something super stimulating every day? ;)

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Hiking Hounds said...

The mini Ferg is really cute! I am working on a scarf right now. Someday I need start making the boys a sweater. I'm glad Ferg has made progress staying alone.