Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Snow Day

Last night we got about three inches of snow that was followed by an evening of sleet and rain, so we woke up to icy crusted white stuff that Ferguson absolutely stuck his nose up at.  While trying to eliminate, his paws shook unsteadily as he tried to walk on the until they plow the sidewalk, there shall be no walk; this is a first since I've had Ferg.  However, I'm hoping it clears by later tonight so we can get at least one long walk in.  For now, he's entertaining himself with a compressed rawhide, the last one we have.  I'm glad I saved it for a rainy day. 

In other news, I went to the pet store yesterday to use the remaining $18 of my gift cards to buy something cool for Ferg, and settled on this:
I've hard mixed things about the tuffies toys, but figured that it would probably be great for Ferguson, despite its fairly expensive price.  They don't stand up well to dogs who chew until it's completely destroyed (cough cough LABRADORS! cough cough) but the way Ferg plays (for three minutes of crazy toss and play maybe twice a day) it seemed like it would work for him, as other toys not as sturdy have even been able to survive.  So far so good, and he loves that it squeaks.  When he gets in a goofy mood, it's the first toy he grabs :).  I will start collecting them, I think, whenever I get gift cards. 

I also actually finished my greyhound sweater that I'd been working on since May (!) and it actually fits Ferguson!  I took a picture with him in it, but I'm having technical difficulties getting it from my ipod to the computer (I've tried emailing it like ten times, never having it show up in any of the accounts).  So, when I figure it out, I'll have to post the picture.  It's not the best color for him, but it's still cute.  Now I'm just working on a band to wrap underneath to help keep it on, but it looks really adorable as it is :).  I'll have to find the pattern again and keep making them (hopefully at a faster rate than I have). 

Updates to come...

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