Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First day of shadowing for work! Also, first day leaving Ferg : /

I got up at about 9:30am this morning (well, actually an hour before that to this annoying guy who wanted to shovel our driveway...urg) and had planned out what I'd do this morning before I had to go work at one (meaning I leave at noon).  I took Ferguson out for a half hour long walk in the snow, which he did not love since there was minimal sidewalk area, and of course, because it's all cold as usual.  However, he's become a better sport about it since I'm so dead set on walking him.  He's also improved his potty schedule, which is becoming fairly regular now (he goes in the morning, and then sometime in the evening, so twice a day).  He also goes much faster now that he knows what I expect. 

While I am a little nervous about my first sort-of day at work, I think I am more wary about leaving poor Ferg for five hours.  Yes, I have continued alone training, but my parents have been around for the past few days, so someone has always been here, with the exception of the first day when we all went out to dinner for an hour and a half (and when we came back, he was not barking).  He seems pretty beat now from that brisk long walk, as he was only minimally silly with toys for a much shorter time period before going back to sleep (within 15 minutes of getting back).  Honestly, Ferguson spends most of the day napping, so I don't think he'd have the energy to continue prolonged barking for more than 15-20 minutes, but we'll see : /.  Because he is so good about holding it, I've asked my parents the favor of doing absolutely nothing for him while I'm away.  That is, I want him completely ignored if he's barking, and even if he is being good, for him to stay in the kennel until I get back at 5 (it really is only five'd think he'd be okay).  This is also because Ferguson is good with me being out of his kennel, but is very good about testing new people and might learn he can get away with things (like play with my stuffed polar bear, for example...luckily Eric is around me enough to follow my same techniques, so Ferguson gave it up easily).  So, we'll give him some toys (I froze a bone with cheese wiz in it), and hope for the best.  Please be good Fergie!

On another note, Ferguson keeps barking at noises he thinks are weird at 5 am.  This morning I think it might have been the trash truck.  He stops after like one bark, but it is somewhat annoying, because it wakes me up very confused.  Hopefully once he realizes it's only trash day, this will stop. lol.  He is an oddity that he's a greyhound who alerts you to things. 

*Crossing my fingers that today goes well*

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