Monday, November 15, 2010

A Happy Yarmouth

     Yarmouth is such a sweet dog. We love him so much. A little about me. I am 18 and as a family we have raised 3 1/2 dogs. the half of a dog was the last dog that we did and we just started her. We got our first dog in 2004 also. She didn't even get 2 take the IFT becuase they disqualified her becuase she had a rash inbetween her toes. The second dog  made it into training but she injured out becuase of a knee problem. The third dog was a GLAB and she had to much of a golden tendancy in her but she has now become an arson detection dog. Then our last dog that we did for only half has now made it into training.
     Wow that is awesome that you now get paid to train dogs. what are you studying in college is it related to animals? I think that behavior of yarmouth reminds me of marley from marley and me if u read or saw the movie. we also have a miniture schnauzer and the dogs seem to get along quite well.
    I am slightly jealous that you still get 2 be involved with GEB in such a way. I only get 2 puppy sit and when i do it is for a short time for only over the summer and then my mom gets tired of extra dogs in the house. I know what you mean about the droopy eyes. our first dog had really droopy eyelids what my family calls "sad eyes" I actually still see a little bit of yarmouths doopy eyelids but i am sure that it is not as bad as it use to be.
     Yarmouth has already found a place in our hearts and especially mine. I have claimed him as my dog as long as i am home from college. Realted to his medical issues. our vet has looked at yarmouth and his records and she believes that yarmouth is hypothyroid and that as long as we give him thyroid medicine it should fix him and make him like a puppy again. so we are waiting 2 c the crazy puppy but i think we will find a calmer puppy then we are used to. I look forward in staying in contact with you.
(º·.¸ (¨*·.¸ ¸.·*¨)¸.·º)
(¸.·º( ¸.·¨* *¨·.¸)º·.¸)

I'm glad he's doing okay <3  Hopefully we hear from Gerta soon too. 

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The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

I have sucked out at keeping up with blogs lately and am just now catching up with them. I am so glad you have heard from Yarmouth! He sounds like he found a great place to be. I hope you hear from your G girl soon!