Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gerta's Release :'(

Sorry to bring bad news but Gerta hs been released due to kidney disease . Barbara Lippert is not able to adopt her at this time- expecting a new grandchild they will help care for. So If you would like to adopt Gerta please let me know . If you have any Questions about her care you may e-mail or call the GEB vets or Kathy Kraft. There is a wonderful couple that works for GEB that will take her if you are unable.\

Hi Jen,
I knew I remembered your name. You were Yarmouth’s raiser. Gerta has congenital renal dysplasia, this means that her kidneys did not form properly in the womb. Many times problems do not crop up until later in a dogs life but unfortunately Gerta is in compensated renal failure currently. She does well, eats and drinks and plays but it is realistic that she will need intensive and ongoing care. I have included a summary of canine kidney failure for older dogs. Much of this applies to Gerta as well.
Let me know what questions you have.
Dr. H

Thank you for letting me know everything, especially about the couple that would be willing to take her; this really helped my decision.  Gerta was definitely one of my favorite dogs and I want the very best for her...unfortunately, at this point in time and considering the severity of her situation after talking to the vet, I think she would probably be happiest living the remainder of her days out with the GEB couple, where I know they will probably give her the love and attention she deserves, as well as the exercise and mental stimulation.  But, if they should become unable to take her, I might reconsider.  I just feel that their specific situation of personally working with the school will probably suit her better than what I can provide right now, being a student.  All that I'd ask is if they could keep in touch with me occasionally so I can know that she's okay, even just a few times a year.  So if you could make sure they have my contact information, I'll release my potential ownership of her.  This is very difficult, as I'd originally hoped to adopt her, but I think it will be what's best for her.  Thanks again, ~Jennifer

***I love you, Gerta <3 It truly was out of love.***


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sorry to hear that.

Kinipela (Jen) said...

Me too :( it's not been a good year for dogs, has it? For Gerta, I feel worse not adopting her, as I really had planned to. I still hope to adopt a grey in a month or so, adding more to the guilt, but if she can't be left for 4-6 hours while I have class or work, or is going to only be around another year or two and can alternatively have someone with her & other dogs to play with all the time, it really is for the best, I think :/.

I do hope I find a fantastic greyhound; it certainly won't be Gerta, or Yarmouth, or Godiva, but I'm looking forward to having a forever dog...might make giving up the others a little easier.